After CTV and OTT, here comes addressable TV advertising. From its name, you can guess that addressable TV advertising “addresses” the audience with ads of their interest.

So, what is addressable TV advertising?

Addressable TV is a form of TV advertising that allows advertisers to deliver ads to certain households during different traditional TV programs. For example, two households could be watching the same TV program at the same time, but each one would receive different ads based on what they have earlier searched online. So, if household A members have searched for mobile phones, they will receive ads related to mobile phones; and if household B members have searched for electric appliances, they will receive ads related to electric appliances.

What’s the big challenge to advertisers?

One main challenge to advertisers is measuring ad impressions. You see, addressable TV is similar to any TV when it comes to watching. It could be one member watching, and it could be the whole family and friends watching.

One thing for sure: what’s a challenge today is a solution tomorrow with all these swift technological developments!

Finally enjoy ad-ing-s!