Yes, OOH in language is used as an expression of surprise, but in the world of advertising, it stands for Out Of Home! From its name, this OOH type of advertising is any public content that people see outside their home.

The major types of OOH advertising are billboard, transit, point-of-sale (POS), street furniture, retail, and construction advertising. In other words, the advertisements that are found in many public places _ whether on billboards, public transportation (on buses, taxis, and subways), counter display in POS, sidewalks, benches, mall media, office towers, restaurants, scaffold wraps or building wraps_ are just a few examples of this type of static advertisements.

Now we know what OOH advertising is, what about DOOH? In simple terms, DOOH is the addition of digital elements to OOH advertising. DOOH has the same concept of OOH, but the former uses digital screens with various animated images and allows consumers to interact with the advertisements displayed. This interaction with the target audience in real time can boost the ads performance.

Another important point to keep in mind when it comes to DOOH is that the advertisers also stay informed regarding the playtime of their ads. Moreover, the purchasing of DOOH advertising is much easier now with all the technological advancements.

In short, DOOH advertising is making progress swiftly and steadily especially when it is programmatic.

What is programmatic DOOH advertising? Programmatic DOOH will be our topic next time…

For now, keep your eyes on the road and enjoy ad-ing-s!