What is Private Marketplace Advertising? Private Marketplace Advertising or PMP is a private marketplace where buyers and sellers are invited digitally to buy and sell ad inventory programmatically. This type of advertising helps publishers to offer their quality ad to the best advertisers.

What are the benefits of PMP to publishers? PMP deals have several benefits to publishers. First, publishers can have a better control over the ad inventory through limiting the access to certain selected buyers at a set price. Second, publishers can get the effectiveness of programmatic without taking the risk since they can connect with the buyers but in a safe environment. Third, publishers have control over the brand reputation that will be placed on the most visited pages on the website.

What are the benefits of PMP to advertisers? Advertisers also benefit from PMP deals. First, they can purchase space with a demand-side platform programmatically without any human intervention. Second, advertisers are also concerned with their brand safety, so by using PMP, they know whom they are buying the inventory from. Third, advertisers can make better decisions when they directly get publisher data from the source; thus, they can place the suitable ad to the target audience.

Are there any drawbacks? When thinking of PMP, publishers or advertisers should take a couple of points into account. First, PMP does not always guarantee a target audience. Second, sometimes a PMP might take more time and more manual interaction than an open exchange. Third, prices might vary from PMP and RTB auctions where advertisers might get a lower price in the latter.

It is crucial for publishers and advertisers to weigh their options and consider the benefits and drawbacks of any method whenever they want to buy or sell. Taking the time and studying the options that are best for their situation can save them money, time, and energy.

Finally, bid wisely and enjoy your ad-ing-s!