What is HbbTV? Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV (HbbTV) is a blend of broadcast TV and broadband Internet that intends to provide a greater experience for viewers by offering various services and content.

How do viewers get the ads on HbbTV? To get the ads displayed on the HbbTV, viewers need a connected TV (smart TV) and HbbTV application provided by a broadcaster.  In other words, the TV must support HbbTV or it doesn’t work. Viewers can turn on the HbbTV application once they see the prompt on their connected TV using the remote control or can access it through set-top boxes, over-the-top (OTT) streaming devices, or game consoles.

What is special about HbbTV advertising? Once the application runs on the HbbTV, the ads, which are usually interactive, are displayed based on the channel, program, or predefined campaign criteria. The advertisers can also prompt different services and products or deliver extra information to the viewers. For example, if the channel is a sports channel, the ads displayed are related to sports, athletes, or any other sport-based interests. The viewer can interact with the ad if interested in the ad displayed by clicking on find out more, buy now, and the like.

How are the ads displayed? The ads do not cover the screen or the content being viewed. The ads come in different formats such as, L-shaped banners, square and rectangular banners, overlay ads and the like. In other words, the video is playing on the screen and the ad is played in a smaller window or format without obscuring the content at all.

In simple words, HbbTV ads are ads you choose to run on your HbbTV.

Finally, choose your ad-ing-s wisely!