It’s no secret anymore that Netflix lost subscribers in Q1 and its stock plummeted. This loss in stock also applies to Roku, where it faced low demand for its services and devices.

It seems that these two companies would join forces and work with each other to resolve their problems. Netflix, as it is well-known, is SVOD where subscribers watch with no advertisements at all. To resolve its revenue issue, Netflix would move to AVOD, and here comes Roku to provide its services and devices for Netflix.

How does this work? Roku’s OneView ad platform could serve Netflix’s ad stack, and Netflix would help Roku preserve its place in the CTV space, especially that Roku faces immense challenges from smart TV manufacturers such as LG, Amazon, Samsung and the like that have their own ad platforms.

In simple words, the OneView platform would be a great platform for marketers interested in CTV advertising once they see Netflix content is on Roku-enabled smart TVs along with its ad model.

The upcoming weeks will surely reveal the news if there is any potential deal between Netflix and Roku.

We’ll keep an eye and at the same time enjoy ad-ing-s!