What is a VAST tag? Video Ad Serving Template (VAST) tag is a third-party ad script generated by ad servers for video ads. A VAST tag synchronizes video players and ad servers, allowing advertisers’ video ads to appear correctly on video players from different publishers and ad networks.

What is the information a VAST tag can have? The information a VAST tag can have includes the running time of the video ad, the location of the video ad in the content stream, the ad format if it is mp4 or flv, the destination URL for audience clicks, and what kind of video ad to be played for each viewer.

How does a VAST work? First, a VAST request is sent from the video ad player to the ad server. Within an inline response, the ad server provides a VAST tag that includes the media file and the required tracking URLs. The tracking URLs begin recording impressions once the video starts playing.

What are the key elements in a VAST tag? Media file, video format, and tracking are three key elements in a VAST tag. The media file is the link to the ad creative. The video format is the type of video whether it is flv, mp4, gif, or others. As for tracking, this is to track the video performance and register the impression.

What are the benefits of VAST tags? Some benefits of VAST tags include providing a unified language of communication between ad servers and video players, allowing advertisers to have control over creating and implementing videos, reducing ad playback errors from the source file, and saving time and money!

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