What is VPAID? VPAID, which stands for Video Player Ad-Interface Definition, is a script that is embedded inside the player to direct it on the kind of video ad that needs to be played, the length of the video ad, the place of the ad, and the actions the ad does in the video, such as pausing and playing.

What can users do with VPAID? Users can see information by clicking on different tabs on the ad, zooming in and out the ad video, taking a survey within the ad, playing games integrated in the ad, and completing forms placed in the ad.

How does a VPAID work? First, an ad request is sent from the video player to the publisher’s ad server. The server responds with a matching VAST XML file and the VPAID ad unit.  The video player and ad server communicate to exchange the required properties during the user’s session. The ad server receives the tracked impressions and some other data from the video player and ad unit.

What are the benefits of VPAID? Some benefits of VPAID include having interactive elements in video ads in a video player, pausing the content of the ad, letting the video player override when the ad takes a long time to load, and resizing the ad, and having a high revenue once the viewers interact with the ad.

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